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By: divorce lawyer Kelowna – Marriages, being as significant a relationship between two individuals, are prone to suffering and damage by the most insignificant of actions. When such actions gradually accumulate in a relationship, it becomes clear that the relationship has been broken down to a point from where it cannot be repaired. Thus, the conclusion is that the marriage cannot work out. When things get this severe, there seems to be no other option available for the spouses but to get a divorce – a final dissolution of their vows that they took to each other on the day of their wedding.

In Canada, around 41% of marriages end up in a divorce before the 30th wedding anniversary of the couple. A divorce might be inevitable in many cases, but it certainly does not mean that there must be brutality between the couple in their behavior toward each other. When divorced, some people have the intention to get the best of the benefits from the divorce by harming the other spouse in the court, but for the majority, that is not the case. In fact, they would want to have the least tension between each other for their children and themselves.

Here are a few tips that can help avoid a divorce or, if the situation demands it, will lead to an amicable one.

Get a Post-Nup

A post-nup is an agreement just like a pre-nup with a slight difference; the post-nup is agreed after the couple have married rather than before they are married, as in the case of the pre-nup. Although talking about the negative what-ifs of a divorce after marriage is pretty insane and can be disappointing, it is a rational agreement which later saves people from the brutal disputes over a divorce that can completely destroy anything left from the conclusion of the relationship.

Moreover, post-nups often strengthen the bond between people by discarding any trust issues that they might have for each other.

Hire a Local Mediator

If it all ends up in a divorce with no other choice, it is better to hire a local mediator to sort out the details and negotiate over the terms in the presence of a mediator. Local Kelowna divorce lawyers can be much more effective when it comes to a divorce, but lawyers always prioritize their clients and work toward getting them the better result from a divorce. This can fuel the hostilities of a divorce and it can turn into a battle between the spouses. On the other hand, hiring a third-party mediator is a softer approach and in the presence of a good mediator, the divorce can be handled internally with the least involvement of the court.


Many people think that relationships cannot be set straight after a divorce and these relationships are bound to be tenuous. However, it must not be forgotten that the person divorced is the one you vowed to spend your life with due to the presence of something good in them. Those profound feelings can still be lying deep inside, which makes it possible for a marriage to break apart without people breaking each other apart.