Kelowna Massage

From – Infant and baby massage, although just recently becoming popular in the Canada, has been in practice throughout the world for hundreds of years. It has been proven that baby massage has immediate, as well as long-lasting, benefits for both baby and parent. Whether it be a baby suffering from colic, a baby with special needs with delays in development, or a newborn that is having trouble breastfeeding, massage can be used to stimulate and seemingly cure many ailments in an infant.

It has been long known that touch is extremely important to a baby. Rene Spitz, a psychiatrist in the 1940’s, studied children who had been separated from their mother, receiving very little touch, human interaction, or nurturing. Her studies showed that babies who were previously “normal” developmentally, failed to thrive when they were not touched, did not develop as they should and many times died. Not being able to see, smell and touch are calming for an infant, aiding in their development and sense of security. Touch decreases an infant’s levels of cortisol, which in turn reduces his or her stress level. Aside from relaxation and emotional benefits, infant and baby massage has been proven to have physical benefits as well. Massaging a baby can improve their gastrointestinal and immune function, as well as circulation and the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Brain development is also affected, with neurons branching out and linking to other neurons.

Parents, also, can benefit greatly from infant massage. Providing an opportunity to bond with their baby helps parents’ self-esteem, increasing their confidence in being able to meet their baby’s needs. It allows parents to be able to better read their baby’s cues, both physical (hungry, tired) and emotional (wanting to be held, afraid). A great daily activity for fathers, massage allows them an opportunity to provide daily care and bond with their baby. This quiet time of caressing their baby also allows a parent to relax and ease daily stress.

Any amount of time spent massaging your baby, be it ten minutes or an hour, is time well spent. Make infant massage part of your daily routine and reap the rewards of this calming practice. There are many videos available that show the various techniques of infant massage. For hands-on learning, take a class through your local hospital.

Not every case of hearing loss is the same

Dennis-KumarThis is the age of the internet where all kinds of information are readily accessible. Therefore, when someone encounters a problem, the first thing that he does is turn to the internet to found out more information about it. The situation is the same for medical issues. When people incur hearing problems, the first thing that they endeavor to do is acquire more information about it via the internet and their friends.

While there is nothing wrong in doing this, the problem arises when you take the information you find as the final word. It is quite common for patients to present an audiologist or hearing aid dispensers with all sorts of views about the kind of hearing aids their friends use and the problems that they face. The fact that one needs to understand is that every case is different, so the treatment would differ too. There are certain factors that you need to pay attention to so that you can acquire a hearing aid that would offer the best results.

Factors that need to be taken into account


kelowna-hearingA lifestyle assessment needs to be done which would enable the doctor to understand the kind of listening environment the patient lives in and the kind of experiences they have when they face difficulty in hearing. This helps you get a hearing aid that suits your lifestyle requirements.

Stage of hearing loss

There are quite a few ways in which hearing loss can manifest. There are different stages of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe. These stages let you know the level of sound that you are missing out on. Consequently, the hearing aid to be used should depend on the level of hearing loss.


The style of the hearing aid is another important factor that needs to be considered. You have many options while selecting the hearing aid, and there are important things that need to be taken into account. The aim is to find a hearing aid which the patient would be able to make use of with ease and comfort.

Sound quality

hearing-kelownaThe whole point of making use of a hearing aid is to ensure that you are able to hear in an optimal manner and no compromise on sound quality is made. Thus, you need to make it certain that the hearing aid you make use of is one that would provide optimal sound quality. Live speech mapping is one way via which you can check that you get the right quality. Live speech mapping takes into account the size of the ear canal as well as the individual hearing loss so that the patient is provided with the right sound quality.

Get help at the right time

People tend to avoid minor issues that they face with their hearing. However, you need to avoid doing this lest the problem gets bigger. Acquiring help at the right time can make a world of difference in the results.

A healthy pocket is a healthy life

haelthAmong the things that should be on your top priority list in life is your health. You would otherwise not enjoy the beauty of life without good health. A large percentage of successful people take their health seriously starting from dental health to counting calories and watching their waists. This in turn leads to less expenditure when it comes to buying food, which in turn leads to a good management of their finances.

6 out of 10 successful people spend at least an hour a day reading blog content about health finance loans and or debts and put into practice at least 8% of what they have read. You may think it is absurd, yes? No, it isn’t. Let me tell you why, my opinion. A rich person, compared to a poorer person has a dream body. That is where it all starts, a dream! He or she works hard every day to achieve that.

A poorer person will tend to have so many worries before even thinking of a dream body. Which is why they spend much money on food. You know how stress and worries make most people hungry. Have you ever realized how most supermarkets that have chef prepared meals are usually in the down town areas of the cities, where most poor people live? Do you get my drift?

I know because of this tendency of putting unhealthy foods first, people fail to manage their finances well. They end up having no money for other health2expenditures an this makes them opt for loans. See? Several disadvantages arise; unhealthy bodies, financial crisis and endless debts among many others. Nobody feels happy when inclined to debts.

This makes my campaign on blog content about health finance loans and or debt even better. I bet no one wants to be on the poor, unhealthy and debt inclined side.