Los Angeles Debt & Financial Hardships

Financial hardships can be felt throughout the United States. It does not discriminate by race, creed or color. Every family in America has felt debt problems in one form or another, from the rich right down to the poor. A lot of people have their own opinions as to what brought us here but the real focus needs to be on working together to bring us out of this hardship.

People who never imagined themselves getting any kind of assistance from the government simply are out of necessity. Families are joining and becoming one household in hopes to save money. More kids, unless on scholarship, are unable to attend college and kids who were once in private school now may find themselves in public school. Small towns are no longer able to function because so many small businesses are having to close. In a lot of cases the financial hardships are affecting, by all accounts, normal healthy people, in a negative way. The stress of being financially strapped is too much for some to handle. People are becoming increasingly in more debt by running up credit cards or taking out loans that they are not able to pay back putting them in even deeper financial troubles. It seems like a vicious cycle with no end in sight.

The country really is split on whether or not we are on an up-rise and who is to blame for the crisis we have found ourselves in. While 55 percent of Democrats believe that we are on an up-rise, only 23 percent of Republicans believe this. For the most part Republican’s say that we have lost our focus and there is no end in sight. It is said that our struggles are not based on excessive consumer spending or lack of resources but rather that the consumer not spending enough. If that in fact is the problem, or the solution, then it appears as though we will forever be at a standstill. Consumers, as whole, do not spend excessively or as freely as they used simply out of fear they will not be able to replace the monies they have so freely spent.

How or will we ever be the country we once were? We probably never will be again but that doesn’t mean that we will continue to struggle as much as we have in recent months. While we may have the riches we once had, that’s not to say we won’t come out bigger and better than ever on the other side.